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tone pronunciación
1 a musical or vocal sound with reference to its quality and pitch.
2 music a sound that has a definite pitch.
3 a quality or character of the voice expressing a particular feeling or mood, etc.
4 the general character or style of spoken or written expression.
5 music the interval between, or equivalent to that between, the first two notes of the major scale.
6 high quality, style or character His coarse jokes lowered the tone of the meeting .
7 the quality, tint or shade of a colour.
8 the harmony or general effect of colours.
9 firmness of the body, a bodily organ or muscle.
verb (toned , toning )
1 intr (also tone in) to fit in well; to harmonize.
2 to give tone or the correct tone to something.
3 intr to take on a tone or quality.
[14c: from Greek tonos tension]
toneless adjective .
tonelessly adverb .
tone down or tone something down to become, or make it, softer or less harsh in tone, colour or force, etc.
tone up or tone something up to become, or make (muscles or the body), stronger, healthier or firmer, etc.

tone language
noun a language in which differing pitch levels, or tones, distinguish different words (as in Mandarin Chinese, where ma can mean -mother-, -hemp-, -horse- or -scold- depending on the tone used) or signal different grammatical features such as present and past tenses (as in some African languages).

tone poem
noun a piece of music not divided into movements and which is based on a story or literary or descriptive theme.
[Early 20c]

adjective unable to distinguish accurately between notes of different pitch.
[Late 19c]
tone-deafness noun .

noun , linguistics one of two or more tones which serve to distinguish different words in a language.
[1920s: from tone, modelled on phoneme]
tonemic adjective .

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