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toast pronunciación
verb (toasted , toasting )
1 to make something (especially bread) brown by exposing it to direct heat, eg under a grill.
2 intr said especially of bread: to become brown in this way.
3 tr & intr to make or become warm by being exposed to heat, eg a fire.
4 to drink ceremonially in honour of or to the health or future success of someone or something.
1 bread which has been browned by being exposed to direct heat, eg under a grill.
2 a an act of drinking to someone's honour, health or future success;
b someone whose honour, health or future success is drunk to.
3 a very admired person or thing Her singing is the toast of the festival .
4 the wish conveyed when drinking to someone's honour, etc.
[14c: ultimately from Latin torrere to parch; sense 4 of the verb and senses 2, 3 and 4 of the noun reflect the idea that a woman's name (ie as the person whose health is being drunk to) would flavour the wine like spiced toast]
toasted adjective .

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