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time pronunciación
1 the continuous passing and succession of minutes, days and years, etc.
2 a particular point in time expressed in hours and minutes, or days, months and years, and as can be read from a clock or watch, or told by a calendar.
3 any system for reckoning or expressing time Eastern European Time .
4 (also times) a point or period which is marked by some event or some particular characteristic at the time of her marriage Edwardian times .
5 in compounds the period required or available for, suitable for or spent doing a specified activity playtime .
6 an unspecified interval or period stayed there for a time .
7 one of a number or series of occasions or repeated actions been to Spain three times .
8 (times) expressing multiplication Three times two is six .
9 a period or occasion, especially a personal one, characterized by some quality or experience a good time hard times .
10 a particular period being considered, especially the present.
11 colloq a prison sentence do time .
12 an apprenticeship serve one's time .
13 the point at which something ends, eg a match or game.
14 Brit the time when a public house must close.
15 the moment at which childbirth or death is expected.
16 the hours and days that one spends at work.
17 a rate of pay for work Saturdays pay double time .
18 music a specified rhythm or speed waltz time .
19 music the speed at which a piece of music is to be played.
verb (timed , timing )
1 to measure the time taken by (an event or journey, etc).
2 to arrange, set or choose the time for something.
3 tr & intr to keep or beat time, or make something keep or beat time.
[Anglo-Saxon tima ]
against time with as much speed as possible because of the need or wish to finish by a certain time.
ahead of time earlier than expected or necessary.
all in good time in due course; soon enough.
all the time continually.
at times occasionally; sometimes.
behind the times out of date; old-fashioned.
behind time late.
for the time being meanwhile; for the moment.
from time to time occasionally; sometimes.
have no time for someone or something to have no interest in or patience with them or it; to despise them or it.
have the time of one's life to enjoy oneself very much.
in good time early.
in no time very quickly.
in one's own time
1 in one's spare time when not at work.
2 at the speed one prefers.
in time early enough.
in time with someone or something at the same speed or rhythm as them or it.
keep time
1 to correctly follow the required rhythm of a piece of music.
2 said of a watch or clock: to function at an accurate speed.
kill time to pass time aimlessly while waiting for events.
make good time to travel as quickly as, or more quickly than, one had expected or hoped.
no time at all colloq a very short time.
on time at the right time; not late.
pass the time of day to exchange greetings and have a brief casual conversation.
take one's time not to hurry; to work as slowly as one wishes.
time and time again again and again; repeatedly.
time out of mind for longer than anyone can remember.

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