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tight pronunciación
1 fitting very or too closely.
2 stretched so as not to be loose; tense; taut.
3 fixed or held firmly in place a tight knot .
4 (usu in compounds ) made so as not to let air or water, etc pass in or out watertight .
5 difficult or posing problems in a tight spot .
6 strictly and carefully controlled.
7 said of a contest or match: closely or evenly fought.
8 said of a schedule or timetable, etc: not allowing much time.
9 colloq mean; miserly.
10 colloq drunk.
11 said of money or some commodity: in short supply; difficult to obtain.
12 said of a band or team: that plays together in a disciplined way, making very few mistakes.
adverb tightly; soundly; completely sleep tight .
[14c: probably an alteration of thight , from Norse thettr ]
tightly adverb .
tightness noun .
run a tight ship to be in control of an efficient well-run organization or group.

adjective mean and ungenerous with money.

tight-knit or tightly-knit
adjective closely organized or united.

adjective with the lips firmly closed in determination to say or reveal nothing; uncommunicative.

tighten pronunciación
verb (tightened , tightening ) tr & intr to make or become tight or tighter.
tighten one's belt colloq to reduce one's spending and live more economically.
tighten the screws to increase the pressure on someone to do something.

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