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tie pronunciación
verb (tied , tying )
1 (also tie up) to fasten with a string, ribbon or rope, etc.
2 to make (string, ribbon, etc) into a bow or knot, or to make a bow or knot in something.
3 intr to be fastened with a knot, string or ribbon, etc a dress that ties at the back .
4 intr (usu tie with someone) to have the same score or final position as another (competitor or entrant) in a game or contest, etc.
5 (often tie someone down) to limit or restrict the way they lead their life.
6 music
a to mark (notes of the same pitch) with a curved line showing that they are to be played as a continuous sound rather than individually;
b to play (notes of the same pitch) in this way.
1 a narrow strip of material worn, especially by men, round the neck under a shirt collar and tied in a knot or bow at the front.
2 a strip of ribbon, rope, cord or chain, etc for binding and fastening.
3 something that limits or restricts one's freedom.
4 a link or bond ties of friendship .
5 a a match or competition, etc in which the result is an equal score for both sides;
b the score or result achieved.
6 Brit a game or match to be played, especially in a knockout competition The third round ties were all postponed .
7 a rod or beam holding parts of a structure together.
8 music a curved line above two or more notes of the same pitch showing that they are to be played as a continuous sound rather than individually.
9 N Am a railway sleeper.
[Anglo-Saxon tiegan ]
tie someone in knots and tie the knot see under knot1.
tie in or up with something to be in or be brought into connection with it; to correspond or be made to correspond with it. See also tie-in.
tie up to moor or dock.
tie someone or something up
1 to keep them busy.
2 to block or restrict their progress, movement or operation.
tie something up to invest (money or funds, etc) so that it cannot be used for other purposes.
tie up with something see tie in with something above.

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