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noun , colloq
1 anything that ticks, eg a watch.
2 the heart.

ticker tape
1 continuous paper tape with messages, especially up-to-date share prices, printed by a telegraph instrument.
2 this type of paper thrown from windows, eg to welcome a famous person.

ticket pronunciación
1 a printed piece of paper or card which shows that the holder has paid a fare, eg for travel on a bus or train, or for admission, eg to a theatre or cinema, or has the right to use certain services, eg a library.
2 an official notice issued to someone who has committed a motor offence, such as speeding or parking illegally.
3 a tag or label, especially one that shows the price, size, etc of the item to which it is attached.
4 N Am a list of candidates put up for election by a political party.
5 the policies of a particular political party was elected on the Republican ticket .
6 slang a certificate discharging a soldier from the army.
7 slang a licence or permit, especially one allowing the holder to work as a ship's master or pilot.
8 colloq exactly what is required, proper or best just the ticket .
verb (ticketed , ticketing ) to give or attach a ticket or label to someone or something.
[17c: from French estiquier to attach or stick]
ticketless adjective .

ticket collector
noun someone whose job is to inspect tickets, especially those of people travelling on trains.

ticket day
noun , stock exchange the day before settling day, when the names of buyers are given to stockbrokers.

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