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throw pronunciación
verb (past tense threw , past participle thrown , present participle throwing )
1 tr & intr to propel or hurl through the air with force, especially with a rapid forward movement of the hand and arm.
2 to move or hurl into a specified position, especially suddenly or violently.
3 to put into a specified condition, especially suddenly threw them into confusion .
4 to direct, cast or emit a candle throwing shadows on the wall throw a glance .
5 colloq to puzzle or confuse.
6 said of a horse: to make (its rider) fall off.
7 wrestling , judo to bring (one's opponent) to the ground.
8 to move (a switch or lever) so as to operate a mechanism.
9 to make (pottery) on a potter's wheel.
10 colloq to lose (a contest) deliberately, especially in return for a bribe.
11 a tr & intr to roll (dice) onto a flat surface;
b to obtain (a specified number) by throwing dice.
12 to have or suffer throw a tantrum .
13 to give (a party).
14 to deliver (a punch).
15 (throw something on or off) to put on or remove (clothing) hurriedly.
16 to cause (one's voice) to appear to come from elsewhere.
1 an act of throwing or instance of being thrown.
2 the distance something is thrown.
3 colloq an article, item or turn, etc sell them at £2 a throw .
4 geol the amount by which a fault in a stratum is displaced vertically.
5 a piece of fabric that is placed loosely over furniture, eg a settee, bed, etc, to improve its appearance or protect it.
[Anglo-Saxon thrawan to twist]
throw in one's hand colloq to give up or abandon what one is doing.
throw in the towel or sponge see under towel.
throw oneself into something to begin doing it with great energy or enthusiasm.
throw oneself on something to rely or depend on (someone's goodwill, sympathies or mercy, etc).
throw something open
1 to open it suddenly and widely.
2 to allow anyone to enter or take part in (a debate, etc).
throw up one's hands to raise them in the air quickly, usually as a sign of despair or horror, etc.
throw something away
1 to discard it or get rid of it.
2 to fail to take advantage of it; to waste or lose it through lack of care He threw away his chance to become champion . See also throwaway.
throw someone back on something to force them to rely on it.
throw back to something to revert to some earlier, ancestral character or type. See also throwback.
throw something in
1 to include or add it as a gift or as part of a deal at no extra cost.
2 to contribute (a remark) to a discussion, especially casually.
3 (also throw in) sport to return (the ball) to play by throwing it in from the sideline. See also throw-in.
throw something off
1 to get rid of it throw off a cold .
2 to write or say it in an offhand or careless way.
throw someone out
1 to expel them.
2 to confuse or disconcert them.
throw something out
1 to get rid of it; to reject or dismiss it.
2 to say it in a casual or offhand manner.
3 to build (a projecting extension) throw out a new wing .
throw someone over to leave or abandon them, especially a lover.
throw people together said of circumstances, etc: to bring them into contact by chance.
throw something together to construct it hurriedly or temporarily.
throw up colloq to vomit.
throw something up
1 to give it up or abandon it.
2 to build or erect it hurriedly.
3 to bring up (eg a meal) by vomiting.

throw There is sometimes a spelling confusion between throw and throe.

noun , sport in football and basketball, etc: an act of throwing the ball back into play from a sideline. See also throw something in at throw.

1 meant to be thrown away after use.
2 said or done casually or carelessly throwaway comments .

1 someone or something that reverts back to earlier or ancestral characteristics a throwback to the days of flower power .
2 an instance of this. See also throw back to something at throw.

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