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thread pronunciación
1 a very thin strand of silk, cotton or wool, especially when several such strands are twisted together for sewing.
2 any naturally formed, very thin strand of fibre, such as that forming a spider's web.
3 anything like a thread in length and narrowness.
4 the projecting spiral ridge round a screw or bolt, or in a nut.
5 a continuous connecting element or theme in a story or argument, etc I lost the thread of what he was saying .
6 a thin seam or vein of ore or coal.
7 a series of postings on an Internet bulletin board, each concerning the same subject.
verb (threaded , threading )
1 to pass a thread through (eg the eye of a needle).
2 to pass (tape or film, etc) into or through something to put it into its correct position.
3 to string something on a thread or length of string.
4 tr & intr to make (one's way) carefully (through eg narrow streets or crowded areas).
5 to streak (hair or the sky, etc) with narrow patches of a different colour.
6 to provide (eg a bolt) with a screw thread.
hang by a thread to be in a very precarious or dangerous state or position.

También tienes: tread
thread mark
noun a coloured mark, consisting of silk fibres, incorporated into bank notes to make counterfeiting difficult.

threadbare pronunciación
1 said of material or clothes: worn thin; shabby.
2 said of a person: wearing such clothes.
3 said of a word or excuse, etc: commonly used and meaningless; hackneyed; feeble.

noun a worm which lives as a parasite in the large intestine of humans, mainly affecting children and causing very few symptoms apart from itching around the anus.

adjective (threadier , threadiest )
1 resembling a thread; thread-like.
2 said of a someone's pulse: barely detectable.

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