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there pronunciación
1 at, in or to a place or position You can sit there .
2 at that point in speech, a piece of writing or a performance, etc Don't stop there .
3 in that respect I agree with him there .
4 (also ) used to begin a sentence when the subject of the verb follows the verb instead of coming before it There are no mistakes in this .
5 used at the beginning of a sentence to emphasize or call attention to that sentence There goes the last bus .
6 used after a noun for emphasis That book there is the one you need .
7 colloq or dialect used between a noun and that , etc for emphasis that there tractor .
noun that place or point near there .
1 used to express satisfaction, approval, triumph or encouragement, etc There! I knew he would come .
2 used to express sympathy or comfort, etc There, there! He's just not worth it .
[Anglo-Saxon thær ]
be there for someone to be available to support them emotionally, particularly when most needed.
have been there before slang to have been in the same, especially unpleasant, situation before.
there and then at that very time and on that very spot.
there you are
1 said when giving something to someone: this is what you need or want.
2 used to express satisfaction or triumph.

thereabouts or thereabout
adverb near that place, number, amount, degree or time.

adverb , formal from that time onwards.

adverb , formal
1 by that means.
2 in consequence.

adverb for that reason; as a consequence.

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