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theatre pronunciación or (US) theater
1 a building or area outside specially designed for the performance of plays and operas, etc.
2 a large room with seats rising in tiers, eg for lectures.
3 (also the theatre) the writing and production of plays in general.
4 (the theatre) the world and profession of actors and theatre companies.
5 Brit a specially equipped room in a hospital where surgery is performed.
6 a scene of action or place where events take place theatre of war .
7 N Am a cinema.
[14c: from Greek theatron , from theaesthai to see]

Theatre of the Absurd
noun a term for certain plays of the 1950s, in which the absurdity and irrationality of the human condition was mirrored in a dramatic form of unreal situations without traditional narrative continuity or meaningful and coherent dialogue, as in works by Samuel Beckett, Eugène Ionesco, etc.

noun (theatres-in-the-round )
1 a theatre in which a central stage is surrounded on all sides by the audience.
2 the style of staging plays in such a theatre. See also arena.

theatrical pronunciación
1 belonging or relating to theatres or acting.
2 said of behaviour or a gesture, etc: done only for effect; artificial and exaggerated.
noun (theatricals)
1 dramatic performances.
2 insincere or exaggerated behaviour Less of the theatricals, please!
theatricality noun .
theatrically adverb .

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