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that pronunciación
adjective (pl those )
1 indicating the thing, person or idea already mentioned, specified or understood There's that girl I was telling you about .
2 indicating someone or something that is farther away or is in contrast not this book, but that one .
pronoun (pl those )
1 the person, thing or idea just mentioned, already spoken of or understood When did that happen?
2 a relatively distant or more distant person, thing or idea.
3 used instead of which , who or whom to introduce a relative clause that defines, distinguishes or restricts the person or thing mentioned in the preceding clause All the children that were late received detention .
conjunction used to introduce a noun clause, or a clause showing reason, purpose, consequence or a result or expressing a wish or desire He spoke so quickly that I couldn't understand Oh, that the day would never end!
1 to the degree or extent shown or understood won't reach that far .
2 colloq or dialect to such a degree that; so They are that unsociable they never leave the house .
[Anglo-Saxon thæt ]
all that colloq very not all that good .
that's that that is the end of the matter.

that Many people think that the relative pronoun that in constructions such as The man that I met happened to be Philip's uncle is informal and should be replaced by who or whom or which in formal contexts. In fact, that used in this way is acceptable in any context, as is the omission of that in The man I met happened to be Philip's uncle .

También tienes: tat
thatch pronunciación
noun (thatches )
1 a roof covering of straw or reeds, etc.
2 anything resembling such a roof, especially thick hair on the head.
verb (thatches , thatched , thatching ) tr & intr to cover (a roof or building) with thatch.
[Anglo-Saxon theccan ]
thatcher noun .

noun the policies and style of government associated with Margaret Thatcher (British prime minister between 1979 and 1990), characterized by monetarism, a commitment to private enterprise, opposition to trade unions, etc.
Thatcherite noun , adjective .

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