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tent pronunciación
1 a shelter made of canvas or other material supported by poles or a frame and fastened to the ground with ropes and pegs, that can be taken down and carried from place to place.
2 anything resembling a tent in form or function, such as a clear plastic device placed over the head and shoulders to control the oxygen supply to a sick person.
verb (tented , tenting )
1 intr to camp in a tent.
2 to cover or shelter something with a tent.
[13c: from French tente , from Latin tendere to stretch]

tentacle pronunciación
1 any of the long thin flexible appendages growing on the head or near the mouth of many invertebrate animals, eg the sea anemone and octopus, etc, used as sense organs or for defence, for grasping prey or for attachment to surfaces.
2 in certain insectivorous plants, eg the sundew: any of the sticky hairs on the leaves that serve to trap insects.
[17c: from Latin tentaculum ]
tentacled adjective .
tentacular adjective .

1 not finalized or completed; provisional.
2 uncertain; hesitant; cautious.
[16c: from Latin tentare to try]
tentatively adverb .
tentativeness noun .

noun a frame on which cloth is stretched, especially so that it dries without losing its shape.
verb (tentered , tentering ) to stretch (cloth) on a tenter.

noun a sharp hooked nail used for fastening cloth to a tenter.
on tenterhooks in a state of impatient suspense or anxiety.

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