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temper pronunciación
1 a characteristic state of mind; mood or humour have an even temper .
2 a state of calm; composure; self-control lose one's temper out of temper .
3 a state of uncontrolled anger in a temper .
4 a tendency to have fits of uncontrolled anger She has quite a temper .
5 the degree of hardness and toughness of metal or glass.
verb (tempered , tempering )
1 to soften something or make it less severe temper firmness with understanding .
2 engineering to heat a metal, hardened alloy (eg steel) or glass to a certain temperature and then allow it to cool slowly, in order to toughen it by reducing its hardness and making it less brittle.
3 to bring clay, plaster or mortar to the desired consistency by moistening it with water and kneading it.
4 to tune (the notes on a keyboard instrument) so that the intervals between them are correct.
[Anglo-Saxon temprian : from Latin temperare to mix in due proportion]

noun (temperas )
1 a method of painting in which powdered pigment is mixed with an emulsion made usually of egg yolks and water.
2 an emulsion, especially one made with egg yolks and water, into which powdered pigments are mixed to produce paint.
3 a painting produced using tempera.
[19c: from Italian pingere a tempera to paint in distemper]

temperament pronunciación
1 a person's natural character or disposition which governs the way they behave and think.
2 a sensitive, creative and excitable or emotional personality an artist with temperament .
3 music an adjustment made to the intervals between notes on an instrument's keyboard to allow the instrument to play in any key.
[17c in sense 1; 15c in obsolete sense -mixture-: from Latin temperamentum a mixing in due proportion, in this case a mixing of the four humours believed in the Middle Ages to govern a person's physical and mental characteristics]

temperamental pronunciación
1 given to extreme changes of mood; quick to show emotion, anger or irritability, etc.
2 said of a machine, etc: not working reliably or consistently.
3 belonging or related to, or caused by, temperament.
temperamentally adverb .

temperance pronunciación
1 moderation or self-restraint, especially in controlling one's appetite or desires.
2 moderation in drinking, or complete abstinence from, alcohol.
[14c: from Latin temperantia moderation or sobriety]

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