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tear pronunciación 1
1 a drop of clear saline liquid, secreted by the lachrymal gland, that moistens and cleans the front of the eyeball, or overflows from it in response to irritation of the eye or as a result of emotion, especially sorrow.
2 any pear-shaped drop or blob.
tearless adjective .
in tears crying; weeping.

tear pronunciación 2
verb (past tense tore , past participle torn , present participle tearing )
1 to pull or rip something apart by force.
2 (usu tear at something) to pull it violently or with tearing movements.
3 to make (a hole, etc) by, or as if by, tearing or ripping.
4 intr to come apart; to be pulled or ripped apart material that tears easily .
5 intr (often tear along, away, off, etc ) to rush; to move with speed or force.
1 a hole or other damage caused by tearing.
2 an act of tearing.
3 damage wear and tear .
[Anglo-Saxon teran ]
be torn between to be unable to decide between (two or more options).
tear a strip off someone colloq to rebuke or reprimand them severely.
tear one's hair out to be in despair with impatience and frustration.
tear someone apart to cause them severe suffering or distress.
tear someone away to remove or take them by force; to force or persuade them to leave.
tear something down to pull it down or demolish it using force.
tear into someone to attack them physically or verbally.
tear something up to tear it into pieces, especially to destroy it.

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