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tax pronunciación
noun (taxes )
1 a compulsory contribution towards a country's expenses raised by the government from people's salaries, property and from the sale of goods and services.
2 a strain, burden or heavy demand.
verb (taxes , taxed , taxing )
1 to impose a tax on (a person or goods, etc) or take tax from (a salary).
2 to put a strain on, or make a heavy demand on, someone or something.
3 (usu tax someone with something) formal to accuse them of it.
4 law to assess (costs).
[13c: from French taxer , from Latin taxare to appraise]
taxable adjective .

tax disc
noun a paper disc displayed on a motor vehicle's windscreen to show that it has been duly taxed.

tax exile
noun someone who lives abroad in a country with a lower tax rate than that of their native country, so as to avoid paying high taxes.

tax haven
noun a country or state with a low rate of taxation compared to one's own and which is therefore an attractive place to stay for wealthy people.

tax return
noun a yearly statement of one's income, from which the amount due in tax is calculated.

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