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tap pronunciación 1
1 a quick or light touch, knock or blow, or the sound made by this.
2 tap-dancing (see under tap dance) She teaches ballet and tap .
3 a piece of metal attached to the sole and heel of a shoe for tap-dancing.
verb (tapped , tapping )
1 tr & intr to strike or knock lightly.
2 to strike or knock lightly on something.
3 (also tap something out) to produce it by tapping tap out a message .
4 (sometimes tap at or on something) to strike it with a light but audible blow.
[13c: from French taper ]

tap pronunciación 2
1 a device consisting of a valve, with a handle for opening and shutting it, attached to a pipe for controlling the flow of liquid or gas.
2 a peg or stopper, especially in a barrel.
3 a receiver for listening to and recording private conversations, attached secretly to a telephone wire.
4 an act of attaching such a receiver to a telephone wire.
5 the withdrawal of fluid from a place, especially ( med ) from a cavity in the body spinal tap .
6 a screw for cutting an internal thread.
verb (tapped , tapping )
1 to get liquid from (a barrel or a cavity in the body, etc) by piercing it or opening it with, or as if with, a tap.
2 to let out (liquid) from a vessel by opening, or as if by opening, a tap.
3 to get sap from (a tree) by cutting into it.
4 to attach a receiver secretly to (a telephone wire) so as to be able to hear private conversations.
5 to start using (a source, supply, etc).
6 (usu tap someone for something) colloq to ask or obtain (money) from them.
[Anglo-Saxon tæppa ]
on tap
1 said of beer: stored in casks from which it is served.
2 ready and available for immediate use.
3 N Am on schedule.

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