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tail pronunciación 1
1 the part of an animal's body that projects from the lower or rear end of the back to form a flexible appendage.
2 the feathers that project from the rear of a bird's body.
3 anything which has a similar form, function or position as a creature's tail shirt tail .
4 a lower, last or rear part the tail of the storm .
5 the rear part of an aircraft including the rudder and tailplane.
6 astron the trail of luminous particles following a comet.
7 (tails) the reverse side of a coin, that side which does not bear a portrait or head. Compare heads at head ( noun 21).
8 (tails) a tailcoat.
9 (tails) evening dress for men, usually including a tailcoat and white bow tie.
10 colloq someone who follows and keeps a constant watch on someone else.
11 colloq the buttocks.
12 offens slang
a women thought of as sexual objects;
b the female genitalia.
verb (tailed , tailing )
1 to remove the stalks from (fruit or vegetables).
2 to follow someone or something very closely.
3 to provide someone or something with a tail.
4 to join (objects or ideas, etc) with or as if with a tail.
[Anglo-Saxon tægel ]
tailed adjective
1 having a tail.
2 with the tail removed.
3 in compounds having a tail of a specified kind.
tailless adjective .
turn tail to turn round and run away.
with one's tail between one's legs completely defeated or humiliated.
tail away or off to become gradually less, smaller or weaker.

tail pronunciación 2 law
noun the limitation of who may inherit property to one person and that person's heirs, or to some other particular class of heirs.
adjective limited in this way.
[15c: from French taillier to cut]

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