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noun (tablas ) a pair of small drums played with the hands in Indian music.
[19c: Hindi, from Arabic tabl ]

noun a system of musical notation indicating the keys, frets, etc to be used rather than the pitch to be sounded, which is still used for the guitar and other fretted instruments.
[16c: French, from Latin tabula a board]

table pronunciación
1 a piece of furniture consisting of a flat horizontal surface supported by one or more legs.
2 the people sitting at a table.
3 the food served at a particular table or in a particular house keeps a good table .
4 a group of words or figures, etc arranged systematically in columns and rows.
5 a multiplication table.
6 any flat level surface.
7 hist a slab of stone or wood inscribed with laws.
8 a tableland.
9 a broad flat surface cut on a gem.
verb (tabled , tabling )
1 Brit to put something forward for discussion.
2 N Am to postpone discussion of (a bill, etc) indefinitely.
3 to make or enter something into a table; to tabulate.
[Anglo-Saxon tabule : from Latin tabula board or tablet]
at table having a meal.
drink someone under the table see under drink.
on the table under discussion.
turn the tables on someone to reverse a situation so that they are at a disadvantage where previously they had an advantage.
under the table secretly; in a clandestine way.

table d'hôte ; Fr
noun (tables d'hôte ; Fr ) a meal or menu with a set number of choices and a set number of courses offered for a fixed price, especially to residents in a hotel. Compare à la carte.
[17c: French, literally -host's table-]

table football
noun a version of football played on a table with plastic figures suspended on metal rods, which are spun to strike the ball.

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