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Switch pronunciación
noun , trademark a debit card service offered by a number of British banks .

switch pronunciación
noun (switches )
1 a manually operated or automatic device that is used to open or close an electric circuit, eg a lever or button that makes or breaks a pair of contacts.
2 a change.
3 an exchange or change-over, especially one involving a deception.
4 a long flexible twig or cane, especially one used for corporal punishment; a stroke with such a twig or cane.
5 a tool for beating eggs or cream; a whisk.
6 cards a change of suit.
7 a tress of hair, especially one of false hair used eg to give greater bulk to someone's natural hair.
8 a tuft of hair at the end of an animal's tail.
9 N Am a set of railway points.
verb (switches , switched , switching )
1 tr & intr to exchange (one thing or person for another), especially quickly and without notice in order to deceive.
2 tr & intr to transfer or change over (eg to a different system).
3 to beat with a switch.
[16c, meaning -riding whip-: probably from German dialect schwutsche a long stick or Dutch swijch a branch]
switched on colloq well informed or aware.
switch off colloq to stop paying attention.
switch something off to turn (an appliance) off by means of a switch.
switch something on
1 to turn (an appliance) on by means of a switch.
2 colloq to bring on (eg charm or tears) at will in order to create the required effect.

switch hitter
1 a baseball player who is able to bat right-handed or left-handed.
2 N Am slang a bisexual person.

1 a road with many twists and turns and upward and downward slopes.
2 a roller-coaster.

switchblade or switchblade knife
noun , esp N Am a flick knife.

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