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swing pronunciación
verb (swung , swinging )
1 tr & intr to move in a curving motion, pivoting from a fixed point The door swung shut behind her gibbons swinging from tree to tree .
2 tr & intr to move or make something move or turn with a sweeping or curving movement or movements She swung the car into the driveway swung himself into the saddle .
3 tr & intr to turn or make something turn around a central axis He swung his chair round She swung round, surprised and a little wary .
4 intr to move with a swaying movement or movements She swung along through the meadows .
5 intr to undergo, often suddenly or sharply, a change or changes of opinion, mood, fortune or direction He swung between extremes of mood The match could have swung either way at that point .
6 (also swing someone round) to persuade them to have a certain opinion That should swing them round to our way of thinking .
7 colloq to arrange or fix; to achieve the successful outcome of something just needs a couple of free gifts to swing the sale .
8 a colloq to determine or settle the outcome of (eg an election in which voters were initially undecided);
b intr said of an electorate's voting pattern: to change in favour of a particular party The vote has swung decisively to the Green Party .
9 tr & intr (often swing at someone or something)
a to attempt to hit or make a hit with a curving movement of a bat, etc swung wildly at the ball ;
b colloq to attempt to punch someone or make (a punch) with a curving arm movement He swung a frustrated punch at the goalkeeper .
10 intr , colloq said of a social function, etc: to be lively and exciting.
11 intr , colloq to enjoy oneself with vigour and enthusiasm.
12 intr , colloq to change sexual partners in a group, especially habitually.
13 intr , colloq to be hanged.
14 tr & intr , music to perform or be performed as swing (see noun 7).
15 tr & intr , cricket to cause (a ball) to move in a curving path; to move in such a path.
1 a seat suspended from a frame or branch for a child (or sometimes an adult) to swing on.
2 a change, usually a sudden and sharp change, eg in mood, support, success, etc.
3 a swinging stroke with a golf club, cricket bat, etc; the technique of a golfer.
4 a punch made with a curving movement took a swing at him with her clenched fist .
5 an act, manner or spell of swinging.
6 a swinging movement.
7 music jazz or jazz-like dance music with a simple regular rhythm, popularized by bands in the 1930s.
8 cricket the curving movement of a bowled ball.
9 a change in the voting pattern of the electorate in a particular constituency, at a particular election, etc a swing of 40% to Labour .
1 relating to or concerned with swing a swing band swing bowling .
2 able to swing swing doors .
[Anglo-Saxon swingan ]
in full swing or into full swing at, or to, the height of liveliness.
swing both ways colloq to have sexual relations with both men and women, either consecutively or simultaneously; to be a bisexual.
swing into action to begin to move or act, especially decisively or enthusiastically.
swing the lead slang to make up excuses to avoid work.
swings and roundabouts colloq a situation in which advantages and disadvantages, or successes and failures, are equal.
the swing of things the usual routine or pace of activity get back into the swing of things after a month off work .

swing bowler
noun , cricket a bowler who specializes or is skilled in imparting swing to a ball.

swing bridge
noun a bridge that swings open to let boats through.

swing door
noun a door, often one of a pair, hinged so as to open in both directions, usually swinging to a closed position automatically.

adjective , aeronautics said of an aeroplane: having a wing whose angle to the fuselage can be varied during take-off, flight and landing.
1 an aeroplane wing whose angle to the fuselage can be varied during flight.
2 an aeroplane with such a wing.

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