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sweep pronunciación
verb (swept , sweeping )
1 (also sweep something out or up) to clean (a room, a floor, etc) with a brush or broom.
2 (also sweep something away or off or up) to remove (dirt, dust, etc) with a brush or broom.
3 (usu sweep something aside or away) to dismiss (ideas, suggestions, etc) or remove (problems, errors, etc) She swept aside their objections a need to sweep away the inadequacies of the past .
4 (often sweep someone or something away, off, past, etc ) to take, carry or push them suddenly and with irresistible force The current swept the boat through the narrows .
5 (often sweep someone or something off, up, etc ) to lift, gather or clear with a forceful scooping or brushing movement He swept the child into his arms .
6 tr & intr (often sweep in, out, etc ) to move, pass or spread smoothly and swiftly, or strongly, or uncontrollably Strong winds were sweeping in from the sea A new fitness craze is sweeping the country .
7 intr to walk, especially with garments flowing, impressively, arrogantly, angrily, etc She swept across the room in her silk pyjamas .
8 tr & intr to pass quickly over, making light contact Her dress swept the floor swept along the floor .
9 intr to extend curvingly and impressively The mountains swept down to the sea .
10 intr said of emotions, etc: to affect suddenly and overpoweringly She felt a chill sweep over her .
11 to force or inspire into taking an unwanted or unintended direction or course of action trying to sweep her into a quick resolution .
12 to have a decisive electoral win expecting to sweep the country in next week's elections .
13 to cast or direct (eg one's gaze) with a scanning movement.
14 to make extensive searches over (an area, especially the sea) for mines, ships, etc.
15 to make with a broad flourishing motion of the arms He swept a low bow .
16 tr & intr , cricket to go down on one knee in order hit (the ball) to the leg side with a horizontal bat.
1 an act of sweeping.
2 a sweeping movement or action.
3 a sweeping line, eg of a road, or broad sweeping stretch, eg of landscape.
4 the range or area over which something moves, especially in a curving or circular path.
5 colloq a sweepstake.
6 colloq a chimney-sweep.
7 the cable towed by a minesweeper, used to clear mines from an area of sea.
8 cricket a stroke in which the batter goes down on one knee to play the ball.
[Anglo-Saxon swapan ]
a clean sweep
1 a complete change or clear-out.
2 the winning of all prizes, awards, political seats, etc.
sweep someone off their feet to cause them to lose control of their thoughts, and especially to fall uncontrollably in love.
sweep the board see under board.
sweep something under the carpet to hide or ignore something (especially unwelcome facts, difficulties, etc).

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