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sweat pronunciación
1 a salty liquid given out through the pores of the skin, especially in response to great heat, physical exertion, nervousness or fear.
2 the state, or a period, of giving off such moisture.
3 colloq any activity that causes the body to give off such moisture.
4 colloq any laborious activity.
5 moisture given out by or forming on the surface of any of various substances or objects.
6 esp N Am colloq a sweatshirt.
7 (sweats) esp N Am colloq
a sweat pants;
b a sweatsuit.
verb (sweated or sweat , sweating )
1 intr to give out sweat through the pores of the skin.
2 intr to release a sweat-like moisture, as cheese does when warm, or to gather condensed moisture on the surface, as a glass of cold liquid does.
3 intr , colloq to be nervous, anxious or afraid.
4 to give out (blood, sap, etc) like sweat or in a similar way to sweat.
5 to cook (eg meat or vegetables) slowly so as to release their juices.
6 to exercise (eg a racehorse) strenuously, to the point of producing sweat.
7 to force or extort money, information, etc from someone.
[Anglo-Saxon swætan ]
break sweat to begin to exert oneself.
in a sweat or in a cold sweat colloq in a worried or anxious state.
no sweat! slang that presents no problems.
sweat blood colloq
1 to work extremely hard.
2 to be in a state of great anxiety.
sweat it out colloq to endure a difficult or unpleasant situation to the end, especially to wait for a long time in nervous anticipation.
sweat something off to remove (weight, fat, etc) by exercise that makes one sweat.

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