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swallow pronunciación 1
verb (swallowed , swallowing )
1 to perform a muscular movement to make (food or drink) go from the mouth, down the oesophagus and into the stomach.
2 intr to move the muscles of the throat as if performing such an action, especially as a sign of emotional distress; to gulp.
3 (also swallow something up) to make it disappear or no longer be visible; to engulf or absorb it.
4 to stifle or repress (eg pride, tears, etc).
5 to accept or endure (eg an insult, affront, etc) meekly and without retaliation.
6 colloq to believe gullibly or unquestioningly.
7 to mumble.
1 an act of swallowing.
2 an amount swallowed at one time.
[Anglo-Saxon swelgan ]
swallower noun .
swallow one's pride to behave humbly and do something which one would otherwise be reluctant to do.
swallow one's words to retract what one has said previously.

swallow pronunciación 2
noun any of various small migratory fast-flying insect-eating birds that have long pointed wings and a long forked tail.
[Anglo-Saxon swalwe ]
one swallow does not make a summer a single example of something positive does not necessarily mean that all subsequent similar instances will have the same outcome.

swallow dive
noun a dive during which the arms are held out to the side, at shoulder level, until just above the level of the water when they are pulled in to the sides and the diver enters the water head first.

1 a large colourful butterfly whose back wings extend into slender tails.
2 a tail that is forked like a swallow's.
3 anything that resembles this kind of shape.
as adjective swallowtail coat .
swallowtailed adjective said especially of birds: having a deeply forked tail swallowtailed kingfisher .

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