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surface pronunciación
a the upper or outer side of anything, often with regard to texture or appearance;
b the size or area of such a side.
2 the upper level of a body or container of liquid or of the land.
3 the external appearance of something, as opposed to its underlying reality On the surface everything seems fine .
4 maths a geometric figure that is two-dimensional, having length and breadth but no depth.
1 at, on or relating to a surface surface mail .
2 superficial surface appearances .
verb (surfaced , surfacing )
1 intr to rise to the surface of a liquid.
2 intr to become apparent; to come to light The scandal first surfaced in the press .
3 intr , colloq to get out of bed never surfaces till the afternoon .
4 to give the desired finish or texture to the surface of something.
[17c: French, from sur on + face face]
surfaced adjective .
surfacer noun .
surfacing noun .
come to the surface
1 to rise to the top (of a liquid, body of water, etc) The seal came to the surface for air .
2 to become known, especially after having been hidden The press made sure the scandal came to the surface .
scratch the surface
1 to begin to have a superficial understanding of or effect on something measures that only scratch the surface of the drugs problem .
2 to begin to investigate You only need to scratch the surface to discover the sleaze .

surface mail
noun mail that is sent overland or by ship, as opposed to airmail.

surface tension
noun , physics the film-like tension on the surface of a liquid that is caused by the cohesion of its particles, which has the effect of minimizing its surface area. See also capillarity.

surface water
noun water that is lying on a surface such as a road.

adjective , chem said of a substance such as a detergent: capable of affecting the wetting or surface tension properties of a liquid. See also surfactant.

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