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sure ,
1 confident beyond doubt in one's belief or knowledge; convinced felt sure he'd picked up the keys .
2 undoubtedly true or accurate a sure sign .
3 reliably stable or secure on a sure footing .
adverb , colloq certainly; of course.
[14c: from French sur , from Latin securus without care]
sureness noun .
as sure as eggs is or are eggs without the remotest doubt.
be sure of something to be unquestionably certain or assured of it wanted to be sure of the train times .
be or feel sure or very, so, etc sure of oneself to act in a very self-confident way.
be sure that to be convinced that I was sure that we'd agreed to meet on Friday .
be sure to to be guaranteed or certain to (happen, etc) Whenever we plan a picnic it's sure to rain .
for sure colloq definitely; undoubtedly.
make sure to take the necessary action to remove all doubt or risk.
sure enough colloq in fact; as was expected.
to be sure certainly; admittedly.

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