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support pronunciación
verb (supported , supporting )
1 to keep something upright or in place.
2 to keep from falling.
3 to bear the weight of someone or something.
4 to give active approval, encouragement, money, etc to (an institution, belief, theory, etc); to advocate something.
5 to provide someone or something with the means necessary for living or existing She supports a large family a salary that allows her to support a lavish lifestyle .
6 to maintain a loyal and active interest in the fortunes of (a particular sport or team), eg by attending matches regularly.
7 to reinforce the accuracy or validity of (eg a theory, claim, etc) The evidence supports the prosecution's case .
8 to speak in favour of (a proposal, etc).
9 to play a part subordinate to (a leading actor).
10 to perform before (the main attraction in a concert, show, etc).
11 comput said of a computer, an operating system, etc: to allow for the use of (a specified language, program, etc).
12 to bear or tolerate something.
1 the act of supporting; the state of being supported.
2 someone or something that supports.
3 someone or something that helps, comforts, etc.
4 (often the support) a group, singer, film, etc that accompanies or comes on before the main attraction The support was better than the main act .
5 med something that is designed to take the strain off an injured or weak body part a surgical support .
adjective being or providing a support a support band support tights .
[14c: from French supporter , from Latin supportare to convey]
supportability noun .
supportable adjective .
supportably adverb .
supporting adjective , noun .
supportless adjective .
in support of someone or something advocating them or it; in favour, approval, etc of them or it; corroborating or reinforcing (an argument, theory, etc).

support group
noun a collection of people who get together voluntarily with the aim of helping each other overcome a common specified trauma, difficulty, disease, etc.

1 someone who is in favour of a cause, proposal, etc.
2 someone who gives a specified institution such as a sport, a team, a political party, etc their active backing, approval, promotion, etc football supporters .

adjective providing support, especially active approval, encouragement, backing, etc a bank that is supportive to new businesses .
supportively adverb .
supportiveness noun .

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