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supply pronunciación
verb (supplies , supplied , supplying )
a to provide or furnish (something believed to be necessary) I'll supply the wine if you bring some beer ;
b (also supply someone with something) to provide or furnish them with it The garden supplied them with all their vegetables .
2 to satisfy (something, eg a need); to make up (something, eg a deficiency).
3 intr said especially of a teacher or minister: to act as a temporary substitute.
noun (supplies )
1 an act or instance of providing.
2 an amount provided, especially regularly.
3 an amount that can be drawn from and used; a stock.
4 (supplies) necessary food, equipment, etc that is stored, gathered, taken on a journey, etc.
5 a source, eg of water, electricity, gas, etc cut off their gas supply .
6 econ the total amount of a commodity that is produced and available for sale. Compare demand ( noun 4).
7 someone, especially a teacher or minister, who acts as a temporary substitute.
[14c: from French soupleer , from Latin supplere to fill up]
supplier noun .
in short supply see under short.

supply chain
noun , business the succession of processes and transactions that takes place before a product reaches the final consumer.

supply curve
noun , econ a graph showing the quantity of product that producers will supply at different prices.

supply-side economics
singular noun the theory that economic activity is a function of the supply of money, and that the level of activity may be regulated by increasing or reducing the money supply by devices such as taxation .

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