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sun pronunciación
1 (the Sun) the star that the planets revolve around and which gives out the heat and light energy necessary to enable living organisms to survive on Earth.
2 the heat and light of this star.
3 any star with a system of planets revolving around it.
4 someone or something that is regarded as a source of radiance, warmth, glory, etc.
5 poetic a day or a year.
verb (sunned , sunning ) to expose (something or oneself) to the sun's rays.
[Anglo-Saxon sunne ]
sunless adjective .
sunlessness noun .
sunlike adjective .
sunward or sunwards or sunwise adverb .
a touch of the sun slight sunburn.
catch the sun to become sunburnt or tanned.
think the sun shines out of someone's eyes, arse, etc to consider them to be perfect.
under the sun anywhere on earth.

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