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summed past tense , past participle of sum1

summer pronunciación 1
1 (also Summer) the warmest season of the year, between spring and autumn, extending from about June to August in the N hemisphere and from about December to February in the S hemisphere.
2 the warm sunny weather that is associated with summer a beautiful summer's day . See also Indian summer.
3 astron the period of the year between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox (see under equinox).
4 literary a time of greatest energy, happiness, etc; a heyday in the summer of her life .
5 (usu summers) old use, poetic a year, especially as thought of in terms of someone's age an old lady of ninety summers .
verb (summered , summering )
1 to pass the summer summered in Nice .
2 to put (livestock) to pasture for the summer summered their sheep on the hillside .
[Anglo-Saxon sumer ]
summerlike or summery adjective .

summer pronunciación 2
noun (also summer-tree) a horizontal load-bearing beam, especially one that supports the girders or joists of a floor or, less commonly, the rafters of a roof.
[14c: from French sumer , from somier pack-horse or beam, from Greek sagma a pack-saddle]

summer job
noun work that is undertaken for the summer months only, eg by students during vacation.

summer pudding
noun , Brit a cold desert that is made from soft fruits and bread or sponge.

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