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suit pronunciación
1 a set of clothes designed to be worn together, usually made from the same or contrasting material and which consists of a jacket and either trousers or a skirt and sometimes a waistcoat.
2 (often in compounds ) an outfit worn on specified occasions or for a specified activity wet suit suit of armour .
3 any of the four groups ( clubs, diamonds, hearts or spade s (see under spade2)) that a pack of playing-cards is divided into.
4 a legal action taken against someone; a lawsuit.
5 derisive a businessman.
verb (suited , suiting )
1 tr & intr to be acceptable to or what is required by someone.
2 to be appropriate to, in harmony with, or attractive to someone or something.
[13c: from French sieute a set of things, from sivre to follow]
suited adjective dressed in a suit.
follow suit see follow.
suit oneself to do what one wants to do, especially without considering others.

suitable pronunciación
adjective appropriate, fitting, proper, agreeable, etc.
suitability noun .
suitableness noun .
suitably adverb .

suitcase pronunciación
noun a stiffened portable travelling case that is used for carrying clothes.

suite pronunciación
1 a set of rooms forming a self-contained unit within a larger building presidential suite bridal suite .
2 a set of matching furniture, etc bathroom suite three-piece suite .
3 music a set of instrumental movements in related keys.
4 a group of followers or attendants.
[17c: from French sieute a set of things, from sivre to follow]

noun material that is used for making suits of clothes.

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