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suck pronunciación
verb (sucked , sucking )
1 tr & intr to draw (liquid) into the mouth.
2 to draw liquid from (eg a juicy fruit) with the mouth.
3 (also suck something in or up) to draw in by suction or an action similar to suction the roots sucked up the water .
4 to rub (one's thumb, a pencil, etc) with the tongue and inside of the mouth, using an action similar to sucking in liquids.
5 to draw the flavour from (eg a sweet) with squeezing and rolling movements inside the mouth.
6 to take milk (from a breast or udder) with the mouth.
7 intr , N Am slang to be contemptible or contemptibly bad That film really sucks!
noun an act or bout of sucking.
[Anglo-Saxon sucan ]
suck someone into something to drag them into it sucked her into his seedy world of prostitution .
suck off or suck someone off slang to perform cunnilingus or fellatio.
suck up to someone colloq to flatter them or be obsequious to them in order to gain favour.

sucker pronunciación
a someone or something that sucks;
b in compounds bloodsucker .
2 colloq someone who is gullible or who can be easily deceived or taken advantage of.
3 (usu sucker for something) colloq someone who finds a specified type of thing or person irresistable a sucker for chocolate ice cream .
4 zool a specially adapted organ that helps an insect, sea creature, etc adhere to surfaces by suction so that it can feed, move, etc.
5 a rubber cup-shaped device that is designed to adhere to a surface by creating a vacuum.
6 bot a shoot that sprouts from the parent stem or root and which remains attached to the parent plant for nutrients until it is capable of independent existence.
verb (suckered , suckering )
1 to remove the suckers (from a plant).
2 to deceive, cheat, trick or fool suckered him out of £50 .

suckle pronunciación
verb (suckled , suckling )
1 to feed (a baby or young mammal) with milk from the nipple or udder.
2 tr & intr to suck milk from (a nipple or udder).
suckler noun .

suckling pronunciación
1 a baby or young animal that is still being fed with its mother's milk.
2 an act or the process of feeding a baby or young animal with its mother's milk.
as adjective a suckling pig .

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