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sty pronunciación 1
noun (sties )
1 a pen where pigs are kept.
2 any filthy or disgusting place.
verb (sties , stied , stying ) to put or keep (a pig, etc) in a sty.
[Anglo-Saxon stig pen or hall]

sty pronunciación 2 or stye
noun (sties or styes ) an inflamed swelling on the eyelid at the base of the lash.
[15c: from styanye a rising, which was mistaken for -sty on eye-, from Anglo-Saxon stigan to rise]

1 belonging, referring or relating to the Styx, which, in Greek mythology, was the river across which the souls of the dead were ferried by Charon.
2 literary
a dark and gloomy;
b hellish.
[16c: from Latin Stygius , from Greek Stygios , from Styx Styx]

style pronunciación
1 a manner or way of doing something, eg writing, speaking, painting, designing buildings, etc.
2 a distinctive manner that characterizes a particular author, painter, film-maker, etc.
3 kind; type; make.
4 a striking quality, often elegance or lavishness, that is considered desirable or admirable She dresses with style .
5 the state of being fashionable gone out of style .
6 stylus (sense 2).
7 bot in flowers: the part of the carpel, which is usually elongated, that connects the stigma to the ovary ( noun 2).
8 in compounds , forming adjectives and adverbs American-style country-style .
verb (styled , styling )
1 to design, shape, groom, etc something in a particular way.
2 to name or designate someone styled himself an expert .
[13c: from Latin stilus writing tool or literary style]

adjective elegant; fashionable.
stylishly adverb .
stylishness noun .

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