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stuff pronunciación
a any material or substance the stuff that dreams are made of ;
b something that is suitable for, relates to, or is characterized by whatever is specified kids' stuff hot stuff .
2 moveable belongings left her stuff in the flat .
3 the characteristics that define someone, especially positive ones made of stronger stuff .
4 something that is thought of as stupid, worthless, etc a load of stuff and nonsense all this New Age stuff .
5 old use cloth, especially woollen.
verb (stuffed , stuffing )
1 to cram or thrust stuffed the clothes in the wardrobe .
2 to fill to capacity; to overfill.
3 to put something away hastily stuffed the letter in the drawer .
4 to fill the hollow or hollowed-out part of something (eg a chicken, tomato, pepper, etc) with a mixture of other foods.
5 to fill out the disembodied skin of (an animal, bird, fish, etc) to recreate its living shape.
6 to feed (oneself) greedily stuffed himself until he felt sick .
7 (also stuff up) to block or clog something, eg a hole, the nose with mucus, etc.
8 slang to defeat someone convincingly.
[14c: from French estoffe , from estoffer to provide what is necessary]
a bit of stuff colloq a person considered as a sexual object.
do one's stuff colloq
1 to display one's talent or skill.
2 to perform the task that one is required to do.
know one's stuff colloq to have a thorough understanding of the specific subject that one is concerned or involved with.
stuff it, you, them, etc slang an expression of disgust, contempt, anger, dismissal, etc.

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