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strong pronunciación
adjective (stronger , strongest )
1 exerting or capable of great force or power.
2 able to withstand rough treatment; robust.
3 said of views, etc: firmly held or boldly expressed.
4 said of taste, light, etc: sharply felt or experienced; intense; powerful.
5 said of coffee, alcoholic drink, etc: relatively undiluted with water or other liquid; concentrated.
6 said of an argument, etc: having much force; convincing.
7 said of language: bold or straightforward; rude or offensive.
8 said of prices, values, etc: steady or rising a strong dollar .
9 said of a syllable: stressed.
10 said of a group, etc: made up of about the specified number a gang fifty strong .
11 said of a colour: deep and intense.
12 said of a wind: blowing hard.
13 grammar said of a verb: inflected by a change in the main vowel rather than by the addition of a regular suffix, eg swim , swam , swum . Also called vocalic. Compare weak (sense 17).
14 impressive a strong candidate for the job .
15 characterized by ability, stamina, good technique, etc a strong swimmer .
16 said of an urge, desire, feeling, etc: intense; powerful; overwhelming a strong desire to tell her what really happened a strong feeling of distrust .
[Anglo-Saxon strang ]
strongish adjective .
strongly adverb .
come on strong colloq to be highly persuasive or assertive, often in a way that others might find disconcerting.
going strong colloq flourishing; thriving He's still going strong at 95 .
strong on something excelling at it; well-skilled or versed in it Jane's always been strong on languages .

strong drink
noun , colloq any drink that contains alcohol.

strong interaction or strong force
noun , physics a transfer of energy between baryons and mesons that is completed in about 10 -23 seconds.

strong language
1 swearing.
2 impassioned and emphatic talk.

strong point
1 something that someone is especially good at Maths was never my strong point .
2 mil a favourably situated fortified position that is easy to defend.

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