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Lengua inglesa
string pronunciación
1 thin cord, or a piece of this.
2 any of a set of pieces of stretched wire, catgut or other material that can vibrate to produce sound in various musical instruments such as the guitar, violin, piano, etc. See also stringed.
3 (strings)
a the orchestral instruments in which sound is produced in this way, usually the violins, violas, cellos and double basses collectively;
b the players of these instruments.
4 a group of similar things a string of racehorses .
5 a series or succession a string of disasters .
6 comput a group of characters that a computer can treat as a single unit.
7 one of several pieces of taut gut, etc that are used in sports rackets.
8 a set of things that are threaded together, eg beads, pearls, etc.
9 (strings) undesirable conditions or limitations no strings attached .
10 any cord-like thing, eg a nerve or tendon.
11 US a shoelace.
verb (strung , stringing )
1 to fit or provide with a string or strings.
2 to tie with string.
3 to thread (eg beads) onto a string.
4 to remove the stringy parts from (a bean pod, etc).
5 to extend something in a string strung the onions .
[Anglo-Saxon streng ]
stringed adjective see separate entry.
stringer noun see separate entry.
keep, get or have someone on a string to control them or make them dependent, especially emotionally.
pull strings colloq to use one's influence, or relationships with influential people, to get something done.
pull the strings colloq to be the ultimate, although not usually apparent, controller of a situation or person.
string someone along to keep them in a state of deception or false hope.
string something out to make it last.
string someone up colloq to kill them by hanging.

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