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Lengua inglesa
stretch pronunciación
verb (stretches , stretched , stretching )
1 tr & intr to make or become temporarily or permanently longer or wider by pulling or drawing out.
2 intr to extend in space or time Forests stretch over most of the island The training period stretches over five years .
3 tr & intr (sometimes stretch out) to straighten and extend the body or part of the body, eg when waking or reaching out.
4 tr & intr to make or become tight or taut.
5 intr to lie at full length.
6 intr to be extendable without breaking.
7 tr & intr to last or make something last longer through economical use.
8 (also stretch out) to prolong or last.
9 to make extreme demands on or severely test (eg resources or physical abilities) The course stretched even the brightest students .
10 to exaggerate (the truth, a story, etc).
noun (stretches )
1 an act of stretching, especially (a part of) the body.
2 a period of time; a spell.
3 an expanse, eg of land or water.
4 capacity to extend or expand.
5 horse-racing a straight part on a race-track or course, especially the part that leads up to the finishing line.
6 colloq a difficult task or test a bit of a stretch to get there by six .
7 slang a term of imprisonment a three year stretch for armed robbery .
[Anglo-Saxon streccan ]
stretchability noun .
stretchable adjective .
stretched adjective .
stretchy adjective see separate entry.
at a stretch
1 continuously; without interruption.
2 with difficulty.
stretch a point
1 to agree to something not strictly in keeping with the rules; to bend the rules.
2 to exaggerate.
stretch one's legs to take a short walk to invigorate oneself after inactivity.

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