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stream pronunciación
1 a very narrow river; a brook, burn or rivulet.
2 any constant flow of liquid streams of tears .
3 anything that moves continuously in a line or mass a stream of traffic .
4 an uninterrupted and unrelenting burst or succession, eg of insults a stream of questions .
5 general direction, trend or tendency.
6 Brit, educ a group of pupils of broadly similar ability who are taught together for all classes.
7 a current the Gulf stream .
verb (streamed , streaming )
1 intr to flow or move continuously and in large quantities or numbers Tears were streaming down his face .
2 intr to float or trail in the wind Her hair streamed out behind her .
3 Brit to divide (pupils) into streams.
4 to transmit (moving images or sound) via the Internet in real time, so that the user does not have to download a file.
[Anglo-Saxon stream ]
streaming noun , adjective .
go, swim, sail, etc with the stream to conform to the majority opinion.

stream of consciousness
1 psychol the non-stop and often random flow of thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc that continuously bombard the waking mind.
2 a narrative technique that attempts to simulate this, eg by discarding conventional syntax and linking apparently unconnected thoughts.
[1890s: first coined by the American psychologist William James (1842?1910) in Principles of Psychology (1890)]

streamer pronunciación
1 a long paper ribbon used to decorate a room.
2 a roll of coloured paper that uncoils when thrown.
3 a long thin flag.
4 journalism a large bold headline.
5 a luminous band or beam of light, especially the kind that can be seen in an aurora.

verb to make streamlined or more streamlined.

1 said of a vehicle, aircraft, or vessel: shaped so as to move smoothly and efficiently with minimum resistance to air or water.
2 said of an organization, process, etc: extremely efficient, with little or no waste of resources, excess staff, unnecessary steps, etc.

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