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verb (strained , straining )
1 to injure or weaken (oneself or a part of one's body) through overexertion.
2 intr to make violent efforts.
3 to make extreme use of or demands on something.
4 to pass something through or pour something into a sieve or colander.
5 (often strain something off) to remove it by the use of a sieve or colander.
6 to stretch something or draw it tight.
7 (usu strain at something) to tug it forcefully.
8 intr to feel or show reluctance or disgust; to balk.
1 an injury caused by overexertion, especially a wrenching of the muscles.
2 an act of forceful mental or physical perseverance or effort Talking to her is such a strain .
3 the fatigue resulting from such an effort.
4 mental tension; stress.
5 physics a measure of the deformation of an object when it is subjected to stress which is equal to the change in a dimension divided by the original dimension.
6 (also strains) a melody or tune, or a snatch of one the strains of distant pipes .
7 one's tone in speech or writing.
[13c: from French estraindre , from Latin stringere to stretch tight]
straining adjective , noun .

1 a group of animals (especially farm livestock) or plants (especially crops) that is maintained by inbreeding, etc so that particular characteristics can be retained.
2 a group of bacteria or viruses of the same species that possess a particular characteristic that distinguishes them from other groups of the same species.
3 an inherited trait or tendency a strain of madness in the family .
[Anglo-Saxon streon a begetting]

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