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straight pronunciación
1 not curved, bent, curly or wavy, etc straight hair .
2 without deviations or detours; direct a straight road .
3 level; horizontal; not sloping, leaning, or twisted Is the picture straight? a straight posture .
4 frank; open; direct a straight answer .
5 respectable; legitimate; not dishonest, disreputable, or criminal a straight deal .
6 neat; tidy; in good order.
7 successive; in a row won three straight games .
8 said of a drink, especially alcoholic: undiluted; neat straight brandy .
9 having all debts and favours paid back If you pay for the petrol, that'll make us straight .
10 not comic; serious.
11 colloq conventional in tastes and opinions.
12 colloq heterosexual.
13 slang
a not under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc;
b not in the habit of being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc.
1 in or into a level, upright, etc position or posture Is the picture hung straight?
2 following an undeviating course; directly went straight home looked her straight in the eye .
3 immediately I'll come round straight after work .
4 honestly; frankly told him straight that it was over .
5 seriously played the part straight .
1 a straight line or part, eg of a race track doing 150mph down the straight .
2 a someone who is conventional in their tastes and opinions;
b colloq someone who is not in the habit of being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc.
3 colloq a heterosexual person.
4 poker
a a running sequence of five cards, irrespective of suit;
b a hand of this kind. Compare flush3.
[Anglo-Saxon streht , from streccan to stretch]
straightish adjective .
straightly adverb .
straightness noun .
get or go straight to the point to discuss the important topic without any digressions.
go straight colloq to stop taking part in criminal activities and live an honest life.
keep a straight face to hold back from laughing.
put someone straight to let them know the way things really stand.
straight away immediately.
straight off without thinking, researching, etc couldn't say straight off .
straight out without any equivocation; bluntly asked her straight out if she was seeing someone else .
straight up colloq honestly; really.
the straight and narrow the honest, respectable, sober, etc way of life or behaving.

straight A word sometimes confused with this one is strait.

straight angle
noun an angle of 180°.

straight face
noun an unsmiling expression which is usually hiding the desire to laugh When she talks about her budgies, I can hardly keep a straight face .

straight fight
noun a contest, eg a political one, where there are only two candidates or sides.

straight flush
noun in poker, etc: a flush made up of five cards in sequence. Compare straight ( noun 4), royal flush.

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