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story pronunciación 1
noun (stories )
1 a written or spoken description of an event or series of events which can be real or imaginary.
2 a short story.
3 the plot of a novel, play, film, etc. See also storyline.
4 an incident, event, etc that has the potential to be interesting, amusing, etc.
5 a news article.
6 colloq a lie.
7 history the story of rock music .
verb (stories , storied , storying ) to decorate (a pot, etc) with scenes that depict events from history, legend, etc.
[13c: from French estorie , from Latin historia history]
storied adjective .
cut a long story short to omit the finer details when telling something.
the same old story an expression of exasperation at receiving a familiar, usually made-up, excuse, etc.
the story goes it is widely said or believed.

story pronunciación 2 see storey

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