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storm pronunciación
a an outbreak of violent weather, with severe winds and heavy falls of rain, hail or snow that is often accompanied by thunder and lightning;
b in compounds snowstorm .
2 a violent reaction, outburst or show of feeling a storm of protest .
3 a furious burst, eg of gunfire or applause.
verb (stormed , storming )
1 intr
a to go or come loudly and angrily stormed out of the meeting ;
b to come or go forcefully stormed through the defence to score .
2 to say or shout something angrily stormed abuse at him .
3 mil to make a sudden violent attack on something stormed the embassy .
[Anglo-Saxon storm ]
storming noun , adjective .
stormless adjective .
a storm in a teacup colloq a big fuss about something unimportant.
take someone or something by storm
1 to enthral or captivate them or it totally and instantly.
2 mil to capture them or it by storming.

storm centre
1 the place at the middle of a storm where air pressure is lowest.
2 any focus of trouble or controversy.

storm cloud
1 a big heavy dark-looking cloud that signals the approach of bad weather.
2 something that is seen as a bad omen.

storm door
noun an extra outer door that gives added protection in bad weather.

storm lantern
noun another name for a hurricane lamp.

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