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stop pronunciación
verb (stopped , stopping )
1 tr & intr to bring or come to rest, a standstill or an end; to cease or cause to cease moving, operating or progressing.
2 to prevent.
3 to withhold or keep something back.
4 (also stop up something) to block, plug or close (a hole, etc).
5 to deduct (money) from wages.
6 to instruct a bank not to honour (a cheque).
7 intr , colloq to stay or reside temporarily stopped the night with friends .
8 music to adjust the vibrating length of (a string) by pressing down with a finger.
9 slang to receive (a blow).
1 an act of stopping.
2 a regular stopping place, eg on a bus route.
3 the state of being stopped; a standstill.
4 a device that prevents further movement a door stop .
5 a temporary stay, especially when it is en route for somewhere else.
6 a shortened form of full stop.
7 a a set of organ pipes that have a uniform tone;
b a knob that allows the pipes to be brought into and out of use;
c a similar device on a harpsichord.
8 (also f-stop) any of a graded series of sizes that a camera's aperture can be adjusted to.
9 phonetics any consonantal sound that is made by the sudden release of air that has built up behind the lips, teeth, tongue, etc, eg the plosives and the affricates of English.
[Anglo-Saxon stoppian ]
stoppable adjective .
stopping noun .
pull out all the stops to try one's best.
put a stop to something to cause it to end, especially abruptly.
stop at nothing to be prepared to do anything, no matter how unscrupulous, in order to achieve an aim, outcome, etc.
stop short of something to manage to refrain from doing, saying, etc it just stopped short of calling her a thief .
stop the show to be a great success. See also show-stopper.
stop something down to reduce the size of the aperture in (a camera).
stop off, in or by to visit, especially on the way to somewhere else. See also stop-off.
stop out colloq to remain away from home at night. See also stop-out.
stop something out to selectively cover (parts of a cloth, printing plate, etc) so that special effects can be created in dyeing, etching, photographic development, etc. See also stopping-out.
stop over to make a break in a journey. See also stop-off.

stop bath
noun , photog a solution that negatives or prints are immersed in so that the action of a developer is halted.

stop press
1 late news that can be placed in a specially reserved space of a newspaper even after printing has begun.
2 the space itself.

stop-go econ
adjective said of an economic policy, etc: characterized by alternate periods of expansion in which unemployment falls and contraction in which inflation is contained.
1 a policy of this type.
2 the kind of economic cycle that this type of policy encourages.

stop-off or stop-over
noun a brief or temporary stop during a longer journey.

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