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stone pronunciación
noun (stones or in sense 7 stone )
1 the hard solid material that rocks are made of.
2 a a small fragment of rock, eg a pebble;
b anything that resembles this hailstone .
3 (usu in compounds ) a shaped piece of stone that has a designated purpose, eg millstone, paving stone, standing stone, milestone, tombstone, etc.
4 a gemstone.
5 a the hard woody middle part of some fruits, eg peach, nectarine, plum, etc which contains the seed;
b the hard seed of some other fruits such as the grape, date, etc.
6 a hard mass that sometimes forms in the gall bladder, kidney, etc, which often causes pain and which usually requires surgical removal. Also called calculus.
7 a UK measure of weight equal to 14 pounds or 6.35 kilograms.
8 a dull light grey colour.
9 a rounded piece of polished granite that is used in the game of curling.
10 printing a flat table on which pages are arranged into their proper order before printing.
a made of, relating to or resembling stone a stone carving ;
b made of stoneware a stone casserole dish .
verb (stoned , stoning )
1 to pelt with stones as a punishment.
2 to remove the stone from (fruit).
adverb , in compounds completely stone-cold .
[Anglo-Saxon stan ]
stoneless adjective .
stoner noun .
a stone's throw colloq a short distance.
leave no stone unturned to try all the possibilities imaginable or make every possible effort.
stone the crows! or stone me! colloq an exclamation of bewilderment, shock, surprise, etc.

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