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1 either of a pair of close-fitting coverings for women's legs which are made of fine semi-transparent nylon or silk and which can be either self-supporting or supported by suspenders.
2 a sock, especially one of the kind worn with highland dress. See also Christmas stocking.
3 the area of a bird's or animal's leg, especially when it has a distinctively different appearance from the rest of its body a black kitten with four white stockings .
[16c: from stock]
stockinged adjective .
in stocking feet or soles without shoes.

stocking filler
noun a small, usually inexpensive, Christmas present.

stocking mask
noun a piece of nylon stocking or tights that someone, eg a bank robber, pulls over their face in order to disguise their features.

stocking stitch
noun , knitting a way of joining loops together that involves the alternation of plain and purl rows.
[Early 19c: so called because this is the way hosiery is made]

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