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stock pronunciación
1 (sometimes stocks) goods or raw material that a shop, factory, warehouse, etc has on the premises at a given time Our stocks of packing material are getting low .
2 a supply kept in reserve an impressive stock of fine wine .
3 equipment or raw material in use.
4 liquid in which meat or vegetables have been cooked and which can then be used as a base for soup, a sauce, etc.
5 the shaped wooden or plastic part of a rifle or similar gun that the user rests against their shoulder.
6 farm animals; livestock.
7 the money raised by a company through the selling of shares.
8 the total shares issued by a particular company or held by an individual shareholder.
9 a group of shares bought or sold as a unit.
10 US an individual share in a company.
11 ancestry; descent of peasant stock .
12 any of various Mediterranean plants of the wallflower family that are cultivated for their bright flowers.
13 (the stocks) formerly a wooden device that was used for securing offenders who were held by the head and wrists or by the wrists and ankles, so that they could be displayed for public ridicule as a punishment.
14 reputation; standing.
15 the handle of a fishing rod, whip, etc.
16 hortic the rooted trunk onto which a scion is grafted.
1 being of a standard type, size, etc constantly in demand and always kept in stock.
2 said of a phrase, etc: much used, especially so overused as to be meaningless.
verb (stocked , stocking )
1 to keep a supply for sale.
2 to provide with a supply stocked the drinks cabinet with expensive brandies .
[Anglo-Saxon stocc stick]
in stock currently held for sale on the premises.
out of stock not currently held for sale on the premises, especially temporarily.
take stock to make an inventory of all stock held on the premises at a particular time.
take stock of something to make an overall assessment of one's circumstances, etc.
stock up on something to acquire or accumulate a large supply of it.

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