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noun (stitches )
1 a single interlinking loop of thread or yarn in sewing or knitting.
2 a complete movement of the needle or needles to create such a loop.
3 in compounds any of various ways in which such loops are interlinked cross-stitch .
4 a sharp ache in the side resulting from physical exertion.
5 non-technical a suture.
verb (stitches , stitched , stitching )
(sometimes stitch something up) 1 to join, close, decorate, etc with stitches.
2 to sew.
3 non-technical to close a cut, wound, etc with stitches.
[Anglo-Saxon stice prick]
stitched adjective .
stitcher noun .
stitchery noun .
a stitch in time an action, such as a repair, corrective measure, etc that is taken just before any further damage is done.
drop a stitch knitting to accidently fail to knit it and so potentially leave a hole in the work.
in stitches colloq helpless with laughter.
without a stitch on colloq wearing no clothing at all.
stitch someone up
1 slang to incriminate, trick, betray, double-cross, etc them.
2 slang to swindle or overcharge them The garage stitched him up when he went buy some new tyres .

noun , biol a straggly perennial plant that has thin brittle stems, narrow leaves, and small white star-shaped flowers and which is found in woods and hedgerows throughout Europe.
[13c: stitch + wort; so called because it was formerly used to treat a stitch (n 4)]

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