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stiff pronunciación
1 not easily bent or folded; rigid.
2 said of limbs, joints, etc: lacking suppleness; not moving or bending easily.
3 said of a punishment, etc: harsh; severe.
4 said of a task, etc: difficult; arduous.
5 said of a wind: blowing strongly.
6 said of someone or their manner:
a not natural and relaxed; over-formal;
b in compounds stiff-lipped .
7 thick in consistency; viscous.
8 colloq said of an alcoholic drink: not diluted or only lightly diluted; strong.
9 said of a price: excessively high.
adverb , colloq to an extreme degree scared stiff .
noun , slang
1 a corpse.
2 something, especially a racehorse, that is destined to fail.
[Anglo-Saxon stif ]
stiffish adjective .
stiffly adverb .
stiffness noun .
have or keep a stiff upper lip to show or maintain self-control and resignation in the face of disappointment, difficulty, unpleasantness, etc.

adjective arrogantly obstinate.

stiffen pronunciación
verb (stiffened , stiffening )
1 tr & intr to make or become stiff or stiffer.
2 intr to become nervous or tense.
stiffener noun .
stiffening adjective , noun .

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