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stew pronunciación 1
verb (stewed , stewing )
1 tr & intr to cook (especially meat) by long simmering.
2 a to cause (tea) to become bitter and over-strong by letting it brew for too long;
b intr said of tea: to become bitter and over-strong because it has been left brewing for too long.
3 intr , colloq to be in a state of worry or agitation.
4 colloq to become too hot, especially in a crowded, confined space.
1 a dish of food, especially a mixture of meat and vegetables, that has been cooked by stewing.
2 colloq a state of worry or agitation.
[18c; although earlier, now obsolete senses of -a heated room-, -a stove- and -to take a very hot bath- date from 14c: from French estuve a sweat room]
stew in one's own juice colloq to suffer the consequences of one's own, often ill-advised, actions.

stew pronunciación 2
1 a pond or tank for fish.
2 an artificial oyster bed.
[14c: from French estuier to shut up, keep in reserve]

steward pronunciación
1 someone whose job is to look after the needs of passengers on a ship or aircraft. See also flight attendant.
2 someone whose duties include supervising crowd movements during sporting events, concerts, etc.
3 someone whose job is to oversee the catering arrangements, etc in a hotel or club.
4 someone whose job is to manage another person's property and affairs, eg on a country estate.
5 a senior official who monitors a horse race and who has to adjudicate on photo-finishes, enquiries, etc.
6 a shop steward.
verb (stewarded , stewarding ) to serve as a steward of something.
[Anglo-Saxon stigweard hall-keeper]
stewardship noun .

noun a female steward on a ship, aeroplane, etc. See also air hostess, flight attendant.

stewed pronunciación
1 said of meat, vegetables, fruit, etc: cooked by stewing stewed prunes .
2 said of tea: bitter and over-strong because it has been brewed for too long.
3 colloq drunk.

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