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Step pronunciación or step
noun , trademark an aerobic exercise based on stepping onto and off a block of adjustable height, usually in choreographed moves in time to music. Also called step aerobics.

step pronunciación
1 a single complete action of lifting then placing down the foot in walking or running.
2 the distance covered in the course of such an action.
3 a movement of the foot (usually one of a pattern of movements) in dancing.
4 a single action or measure that is taken in proceeding towards an end or goal a step in the right direction .
5 (often steps)
a a single (often outdoor) stair, or any stair-like support used to climb up or down;
b (also pair of steps) a stepladder.
c a rung on a ladder.
6 the sound or mark of a foot being laid on the ground, etc in walking.
7 a degree or stage in a scale or series moved up a step on the pay scale .
8 a way of walking; gait always has a bouncy step .
9 naut a block, frame, support, etc where the end of a mast, pivot, etc fits.
verb (stepped , stepping )
1 intr to move by lifting up each foot alternately and setting it down in a different place.
2 intr to go or come on foot Step right this way .
3 to perform (a dance) stepping the tango .
4 to raise (a mast, etc) and fit it into its support, frame, block, etc.
5 to arrange in such a way as to avoid overlap.
[Anglo-Saxon steppe ]
stepper noun .
break step to no longer be in step.
in step
1 walking, marching, etc in time with others or with the music.
2 in harmony, unison, agreement, etc with another or others.
keep step to remain in step.
out of step
1 not walking, marching, etc in time with others or with the music.
2 not in harmony, unison, agreement, etc with another or others.
step by step gradually.
step into something to enter into it or become involved in it, especially easily or casually stepped into a high-flying job .
step into the breach to take someone's place, especially when they unexpectedly leave or are unable to fulfil a role, etc.
step on it colloq to hurry up.
step on someone colloq to treat them harshly, contemptuously, etc.
step on something to put one's foot down on it.
step out of line to behave in an inappropriate way; to disobey or offend, especially in a minor way.
take steps to to take action in order to.
watch one's step
1 to walk with careful steps in order to avoid danger, etc.
2 to proceed with caution, taking care not to anger, offend, etc others.
step down
1 to resign from a position of authority.
2 to reduce the rate, intensity, etc of something.
step in
1 to take up a position or role as a substitute or replacement.
2 to intervene in an argument.
step out
1 to walk quickly and confidently with long strides.
2 colloq, often facetious to go out socially.
step up to increase the rate, intensity, etc of something.

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