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steal pronunciación
verb (past tense stole , past participle stolen , present participle stealing )
1 tr & intr to take away (another person's property) without permission or legal right, especially secretly.
2 to obtain something by cleverness or trickery steal a kiss .
3 to present (another person's work, ideas, etc) as one's own.
4 intr to go stealthily stole down to the basement .
5 intr to happen gradually or quietly, without being noticed Tiredness stole over her .
noun , colloq
1 a bargain; something that can be easily obtained The silk shirt was a steal at £25 .
2 N Am, esp US an act of stealing.
[Anglo-Saxon stelan ]
steal a march on someone to gain some kind of advantage over them, especially in a surreptitious or underhand way.
steal someone's thunder to present or use someone else's idea, plan, etc as one's own, thereby diverting attention from them and then wallow in the ensuing praise, adulation, etc.
steal the show to attract the most applause, attention, publicity, admiration, etc.

noun , US the branch of military technology that is concerned with the development of aircraft, missiles, etc that can withstand detection by radar and other tracking systems.

1 softness and quietness of movement in order to avoid being noticed.
2 secretive or deceitful behaviour.
[13c: from steal]

stealth tax
noun , colloq a tax that is applied in such a way that taxpayers are unaware of its imposition.

adjective (stealthier , stealthiest ) acting or done with stealth; furtive.
[17c: from stealth]
stealthily adverb .
stealthiness noun .

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